Payment Accounts

Payment accounts are means used by payment institutions to perform financial transactions. This type of account is regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN) in the Circular No. 3,680, of November's 4th, 2013 and was made possible because of the Law No. 12,865, of October's 9th, 2013, which allowed the creation of payment arrangements and payment institutions that are part of the Brazilian Payments System (SPB). They can be used to provide an easy and simplified access to banking services.



It is the federal autarchy that oversees banks, working to ensure that the rules and regulations of the National Financial System (SFN) are followed. Click here to access BACEN's website for more details.

That being said, payment accounts increase the financial inclusion of people without access to banks, allowing them to have the basic features of bank accounts without the need for a physical banking branch. The basic features are:

  • Deposit via transfers and payment slips;

  • Cash withdrawal from 24H Automated Teller Machines (ATM), also known as "Caixa Eletrônico 24H";

  • Perform transfers to payment accounts and other banks and financial institutions;

  • Receive transfers from payment accounts and other banks and financial institutions;

  • Pay bills and payment slips.

Dock uses this type of account to provide banking services. Besides the basic features of bank accounts, Dock provides additional features to payment accounts through the BaaS environment.


Tax Payment Limit

The maximum limit for tax payments through a payment account is BRL 15,000.

How to create a Payment Account?

The process of creating a payment account can occur in two different ways: Individuals (natural person registration) and Companies (legal person registration). These processes are detailed on the Customers section. It Click on the following links to see the technical documentation of these products:

Individuals API
Companies API


Transaction Statement

It is required to have a card associated with the Dock account (virtual or physical card) for the transactions to be shown on the statement, as well as several other internal processes.

If you can see the performed transaction, but you cannot see it on the statement, it is very likely that there is no card associated with the payment account in question.

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