Touchless Setup

The Touchless Setup is a feature that enables the configuration to access the bucket (folder for storing files in the cloud) without any contact with Dock. That means that the Dock Partner / Dock Client will do the Setup autonomously without Dock’s intervention.

This product provides the Dock Partners / Clients a set of endpoints that will enable the setup of User Access to the input / output file streams in the bucket. A standard bucket is exclusive to each Dock Partner / Client. The access to the bucket is through SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), which is a network protocol to ensure data security.


Below are the steps to setup the access to the bucket:

Creation and Management of SFTP Users for Bucket Access.Creation and Management of SFTP Users for Bucket Access.

Creation and Management of SFTP Users for Bucket Access.

1) Create a new user: In the access setup request for a new user, the Dock Partner / Client must inform Dock:

  • An SSH public key - RSA format (See the example below);
  • A valid email address that will be the SFTP user name and will also send first-time access and parameter editing prompts;
  • An access level configured for this user - READ (read-only files), WRITE (read and write files), or DELETE (read, write and delete files);
  • The folder restrictions for the user's access if required. If the Dock Partner / Client does not inform Dock of any user restrictions to folders, then full access will be granted - i.e., access to all bucket folders.

POST Create SFTP Users

ssh-rsa       _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_


Internal Storage Structure

Dock's file storage structures are segregated to secure and reliable information sharing for FaaS Customers and BaaS Partners.


Maximum Number of Users

The Dock Partner / Client can register 1 (one) user at each POST request. And there is a limit of 10 users. The Dock Partner / Client can call a POSTrequest to register users for 10 (ten) times. On the 11th attempt, there will be an error message.


Email Validation

After you request a new SFTP user using the POST method, you will immediately receive a verification email. The objective is to verify that the email address is deliverable and valid. This verification will be valid for just 1 (one) hour from the time you have requested a new SFTP user. It must be opened and verified within the limit of 1 (one) hour. Please check your inbox immediately after your request and verify it asap.

  • If the email validation does not occur within the deadline (1 hour), then you must exclude this new SFTP User - using the DELETE method and create the same User again using the POST method.

2) User Management: Dock will receive this request for User Creation and if the information is correct, a ticket will be sent to the Dock Partner / Client to track the status of this request. After the access has been received, the Dock Partner / Client will be able to manage the accesses using the following endpoints:
GET List SFTP Users
GET Get SFTP Users
PUT Update SFTP Users
DELETE Delete SFTP Users

3) User Access to Buckets: As soon as the process is finished, Dock will send an email informing the command used to access the SFTP. See below an example:


The SFTP User Name will be the email address entered and for this reason, there will be two (2) '@'s in the combination of user_name and host. The PRIVATEKEY field must be replaced by the private SSH key linked to the public key sent in the request.

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